Packaging, transportation, storage, custody and accommodation: just some of the services provided by our moving company. Great care, to the smallest level of detail, for all the stages, done with the utmost professionalism and top quality materials by the employees of our moving company. Our goal is to satisfy our customers’ needs and requirements, whether they are families moving their houses or companies moving headquarters and offices. And we reach it, we give our word!


A good move begins with a good packaging. And a good packaging begins using qualitative and durable materials. Just as our packaging cartons that will ensure a safe and sound transport. Of course you will not be having to fumble with packaging cartons: our employees will take care of packing the contents of your apartment or your office with the same care you would use and transport them to their destination.


Among the services offered by Betatransport, a special place is reserved for furniture storage. Our company has available warehouses for furniture storage, suitable to preserve the material for a long time and guarded 24 hours a day. Take no chances. All goods are carefully stored, paying attention to every detail, even including the use of wooden boxes and containers, perfect to ensure long warehousing.


Your goods in our good hands, during every step of your relocation. Porterage team in our moving company is composed by professionals of long-standing experience in this field, able to work even in the most thorny situations. Business is nothing without the human touch, especially when dealing with a transfer of flimsy and/or valued items. Porterage offered by Betatransport, as well as all our other services, are covered by an insurance policy (Public-Liability Insurance).

Vehicle Rental and hack services

Our choice include also hack  services with hourly  fees, a perfect solution for small removals. At your disposal there are small and large vans for home removals and shorts trips, as well as small volume trucks for more challenging removals. Enjoy Betatransport professionalism, choosing times and ways as you prefer. Our representative will meet you at the appointed time and place and will help you to carry your packages and your furnishings at their destination.

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